The Best Rainbow Crispy Treats


Marshmallow + Rainbow Crispies = MADE WITH HAPPY For real friends.  I mean, not only are they the best crispy treats AHHHH-ROUND, they are RAINBOW.  YES! I don’t know about you, but for a long time, whenever I would make the traditional rice crispy treats, they were super hard and would cut up the roof of […]

Friday Finds – Fifty Shades of Grey (Make Up)


Have you seen the display at Sephora? Make Up For Ever thinks of everything! I love this brand for so many reasons, and this collection is one of them. This is a gorgeous cheek set designed to give you the perfect flush of color. Who doesn’t want to have the look of just having been around […]

Casual Entertaining Ideas


As you may have guessed by now, we at Made with HAPPY love to entertain.  Whether its bringing out the fancy china or having a few friends over for play date, we love the idea of bringing people together and having some great food.  Today, I thought I’d share with you some ideas for casual entertaining that […]

Bright Colored Herb Garden


Hi friends and HAPPY Wednesday!  Wow, what a crazy couple of weeks it has been.  Lots going on over here as we’re gearing up for a fun and fabulous year.  We’re excited for a few announcements this week on different projects and opportunities coming up as well as we’re getting close to daylight savings time. […]

Making the Made with HAPPY Treehouse – Walls + Window


We’re excited to finish up the how-to on our made with HAPPY Treehouse today sharing how we made the walls and window.  This treehouse project was one of the bigger projects we’ve undertaken at the house, but we’re so glad we jumped in and did it.  We’ve learned more about our building capabilities and how great […]

Homemade White Pizza


Alright friends, raise your hand if you love a fabulous white pizza as much as I do?  HANDS RAISED waving like a crazy person.  While I do love a traditional tomato based pizza sauce, there is something so delicious and belly warming about a great white pizza, that I cannot give it the love it deserves. […]

Making the Made with HAPPY Treehouse – Roof


Hi friends.  Below are the long awaited plans for the Made with HAPPY Treehouse Roof.  We busted out our trigonometry skills and are so proud of what we’ve created. For reference what we’ve covered so far: Finished Treehouse Base + Frame Floor + Stairs Supplies: 4 – 2x4x8 3 – 2x4x6 3 – 26 in. x 8 ft. […]

Spring 2015 Yellow Trend – Do’s + Don’ts


According to Glamour magazine, yellow is a big trend this spring!   This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise since it’s probably the first color you think of when you hear “Spring” right?  The hard part though is actually wearing yellow.  Some people stray away from wearing yellow because it is so bold and […]

Green Apple Sangria


Who else has been feeling like a refreshing beverage these days?  Okay, confession time.  I’m one of those ridiculous folks that lives out West that is experiencing a heat wave as the rest of the country is having snow.  SORRY.  But with heat, comes the strong desire for a cold refreshing beverage and well, its […]

Birdseed Heart Valentines + Free Printable


With Valentines Day about 5 days away, we’re in the final stretch of finishing up the kids Valentines to take to their respective schools.  Made with HAPPY Boy is at daycare/preschool where the age of the kids range and so I was hesitant to send him with candy or something like that.  For him we decided it would be […]