Camping Kids Crafts – Paper Windsocks

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Its Friday and we’re pumped to get this weekend started.  We’re camping this weekend on the beach and couldn’t be more excited.  Before I’m off with my toes in the sand and inhaling a few Gooey Tubes I wanted to share our second post in our “Made with HAPPY CAMPER” Series.made-with-happy-camper

Today we’re talking Camping Kids Crafts and we’re showing you a fun craft that will keep the kids occupied (for a few minutes at least) and jazzes up the look of your campsite as an added bonus.  One of our favorite crafts while camping are paper windsocks.  These are inspired by the Chaos & Love’s Juicebox Windsocks.  paper-windsocks-8

There are just a few extra crafty items you’ll need to throw in your camping bag.



  • Different colored construction paper
  • Stapler or scotch tape
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Balloon ribbon
  • Decorative tapes, stickers, markers


These are truly so simple to make.  Have each of the kids pick out a piece of paper they want to decorate.  paper-windsocks-7Let them go wild with stickers, tape and markers decorating how they want.  Fun to let their creativity come out, especially after a full day of camping.paper-windsocks-2After they are done decorating, you will need to roll it into a cylinder shape tube and using either tape, or my quick and simple stapler, attach the ends together to where you’re creating a tube.paper-windsocks-3Once you have the tube, its time to add the balloon ribbon.paper-windsocks-4Using the hole puncher, punch 4 or more holes along the bottom of the tube.paper-windsocks-5Cut the ribbon however long they want.  I like to cut them around 2-3 feet and then have them tie or you may need to help the little ones tie them to the holes you punched.

Two more holes on the top are needed to hang your windsock.  One more piece of ribbon about 6 inches.  Tie each end to the two holes.paper-windsocks-6Viola, you have yourself a campsite windsock.
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Happy Crafting!

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